Importing the theme

The download files are attached to the previous lesson.

The cAse-SENsitive temporary credentials are:

Username: GoCreateMe

Password: BobIsYourUncle2020!

NOTE: At around 1:50 in the video, The post-migration message changed in the latest version of All-in-One Migration. Click to close the pop-up but then go to Settings-> permalinks and try to use the "post name" format and save. It's possible that your server will give you a warning and tell you that "pretty links" aren't supported. If that's you, pick something else, or you can try the options offered here:

(And feel free to contact your hosting company to ask for their help.)

Problems deleting the GoCreateMe username?

That's because you need to login as you (log out of GoCreateMe account). To log out, hover over the top right admin bar (where the username appears), and an option to log out will be visible. Click, then go to your login page ( and then use your REAL username and password.

AFTER you watch this video, I highly recommend you pause this main curriculum and watch the "STYLE module" (included as part of this course) so you can select fonts and colors that will work for your needs. See here:

Once you have your colors and fonts selected (after completing the STYLE module), then resume this main curriculum.